Here Now ~ Pender’s Own Advent Devotional!

26 Nov


From Pastor Kenny Newsome:

Welcome to the season of Advent!

Advent is a time of waiting, expectation and preparation for the coming of the Christ.  Traditionally, Advent started 6 weeks before Christmas and was a time to reflect and examine on one’s life and the things in it that would cause us not to celebrate and gain the fullness of Christmas joy.  Then the church shortened the time to 4 weeks and in doing so lost some of its meaning.

All of us know that Advent is the time of preparation.  We adorn our homes with greenery, put up the tree, hang wreathes and string the lights, all for the purpose of celebrating Christmas.  However, I wonder if we spend as much time getting our hearts ready to “receive our King” as we do on the material trappings?

This year, Pender members have given us a gift of their reflections of Christmas.  It is our hope and prayer that you and your family will use this booklet to prepare for a “holy Christmas” rooted in the birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus.  Just a few moments of prayer, scripture reading and reflection in the quiet of Advent will lead you and yours into a true celebration and not just having another holiday meal.

Let’s prepare our hearts and make Jesus the reason for the season!

The Pender Advent Devotional is available on the Pender website.


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