July Sermon Series ~ WOW!

01 Jul



July 6 – Awe and Wonder – Psalm 104

We have lost the sense of awe in our world.  We see so many amazing things that we are no longer awed by that which is around us.  Life is less because of this.  What can we do about this?  When we recover the AWE in life where does it lead us and what does it lead us to do?  Let’s talk about something awe inspiring this Sunday.

July 13 – Vacation Bible School Sunday –  WOW – The Wonder of Working with God – I Corinthians 3:7-9

Can you believe that we are invited to be co-laborers with God.  God wants us to join him in the wonderful works He is doing.  Let’s see how we can be a co-worker!

July 20 – Mystery and Majesty- Exodus 20:18-21

We have made Jesus such a friend that we have lost the mystery and majesty of God.  Somehow God is so much a “good buddy” that we have failed to see his awesomeness and acknowledge that God is so great he is beyond our comprehension.  Let’s look at what it means to have a God hidden in mystery but visible in majesty.

July 27 – When You See The Lord – Isaiah 6:1-8

We are so comfortable in our faith that we forget the fear and wonder of being in the presence of the Lord.  But when God is truly present we are not only aware but we have to respond.  When was the last time in worship you really sensed the presence of God?  Let’s do it together this Sunday.

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