New Sermon Series: Living As Disciples

02 Oct




Oct. 6 – Our Worship:  Know God

 As a disciple of Jesus our lives are centered in knowing who God is.  That means we are involved in worship, both private and public. If you happen to miss worship does it make any difference to you?  Do you find the time to be in God’s presence everyday?  Let’s join together and get to Know God this week as we WORSHIP together.

Oct. 13 – Our Relationships – Love God and Others

 To be a disciple is to know God and when we do we are loved.  Having been loved we have to love God back and also God’s creation, Others.  How is your love life?  Being a disciple is being a lover.  Loving in every way we can and to all we can.  Let’s talk about our relationships this Sunday as we Love one another.

Oct. 20 – Our Walk – Grow In God

 Being a disciple is a daily exercise.  St. Paul says it means walking in faith.  Its not enough to just come to Jesus and be saved.  Once saved we must grow in that faith and learn to apply it in all of our daily situations.  Let’s walk in faith.

Oct. 27 – Our Witness and Work – Share God and Serve God

 Our witness is retelling what God has done for us.  The world around us needs to hear some Good News.  That Good News is your story in faith.  Each of us has a story to tell.  When was the last time we told it?  Along with telling the story we must do the story.  Christ’s work is now ours.  We are called to work for the Kingdom and make Christ known in concrete ways.  Let’s talk about how each of us can get involved.

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