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Work will be conducted on the Church parking lot on Monday, October 14 and on Friday, October 18, weather permitting. To some degree, parking will be restricted for all users on those days. Signs, cones, flagging tape, and sensible vehicle operation will help get the work done without incident and minimal interruption. 


  • Any section of the parking areas or travel lanes that have a crack in the asphalt wider than ¼ inch will be filled with a liquid tar substance. Those areas will be closed to vehicle parking or travel all day.
  • Known activities during the day include Canasta Club. It’s a holiday so the Office and Pender Hill School will be closed.



  • All parking spaces will be closed to parking at some time during the day. However, all travel lanes will be open to traffic. We will plan to have one roving parking area open at all times; however, that roving parking area will have to relocate at least once during the work period. So, if you plan to be at the church for any significant duration, expect, and be available, to relocate your vehicle. Parking on the street will be a good option, too, for those not available or not wanting to relocate their car.
  • Known activities during the day include Pumpkin Patch, Fun With Music, Office Staff, Pender Hill School.
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