New Sermon Series: Being A Good Steward

06 Nov


Series: Being A Good Steward

Nov. 10 – Sermon 51 – The Good Steward – Luke 16:2

We are called to be stewards. A steward is one who does not own what he/she has but is one who cares for what the Master has entrusted to him/her. How are you doing with what God has given you of His resources? You do know there is an accounting for all stewards don’t you?

Nov. 17 – It Takes A Village – 2 Corinthians 8:1-7

The work of the Kingdom is not what one person does but what we all do together. The church at Corinth knew that individually the task and the need before them was to big for anyone to make a real difference. It took ALL of them. You are a part of the VILLAGE. Together we can do the great things of God

Nov. 24 – What A Difference ONE can Make – John 6:1-13

I am ONE but I am ONE. One person purposed in their heart with the passion of God can change the world. One gift made out of gratitude multiplies when placed in the Savior’s hands. One small amount can feed the world. What is your part in making a difference?

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