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Pender Fall Flea Market

Flea Market and Boutique


Fall Flea Market/Boutique, September 29 – October 1st

We need you! The Fall Flea Market/Boutique starts setting up on Sunday, September 25th through Wednesday, September 28th, and much help is needed. Join us for a light lunch before we begin to set up on Sunday, September 25th, after the 11am Service.

Enjoy a wonderful time working together and spending time with others in our Church family. Donations to be sold at the Flea Market/Boutique are now being accepted. Start clearing out your closets now! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Light lunch is provided for workers on Monday through Wednesday. Cashiers, baggers & cooks are needed throughout the event. Please sign up at the Sign-Up Center in the Church Lobby.

Also, we are coming up on Historic Centreville Day, on October 15, where we will be purchasing a booth and distributing Free

1)      children’s books

2)      New Bibles

3)      Lemonade


We are still looking for volunteers from the church to staff the booth, and represent both the Pender Regift Thrift Store and the church.  


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