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Week 1 Shift Happens Small Group Discussion Guides



Week 1

Let’s face it: everybody experiences shift from time to time. Jobs change, health declines, relationships turn and our emotional equilibrium is thrown off course. Yet, often in these moments God is preparing us for what’s next. How can we embrace God’s best next without successfully navigating change along the way?

Read: Exodus 16:1-3

God’s people started grumbling as soon as they stepped into the wilderness. Do you ever grumble? What causes your grumbling?

Read: Exodus 3:1-14

Moses had a holy encounter with God and in his fear gave God excuses. What is God asking you to do? What are your excuses?

Read: Psalm 23

Shift happens in our lives, and sometimes we are not prepared for it. What does God promise in this Psalm? What shift is happening in your life where you need to grab hold of this promise?

Read: I Chronicles 28:11-21

David gave his son Solomon a job: build the temple. What instructions did he give his son? What words of encouragement? What sources of motivation are you listening to that are helping you overcome hesitation and fear: people, podcasts, sermons, reading scripture, etc.? What are you hearing from God?

Read: John 14:23-31

Jesus gathered his disciples to speak into their lives prior to his death. What does Jesus promise in the middle of fear and anxiety? How are you allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you in the middle of change?

Read: Exodus 16:11-20

God provided daily bread for his people in the wilderness. How were the people to use God’s provision? Did they listen? God’s people struggled with trust—do you struggle to trust God for daily provision? Explain.

Read: 1 John 4:16-21

God’s perfect love casts out all fear. What keeps you afraid? How can God’s love rid your life of that fear?



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