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This Week’s Sermon – December 9, 2012

Journey To Bethehem

December 9, 2012: Joseph of Bethlehem:  Journey of TrustMatthew. 1:18-24

The Night Before Christmas says that the dreams were of “sugarplums that danced in their heads.”  Don’t know about you but during the rush of Christmas my dreams are more nightmares and not sugarplums.  For Joseph I think it was the same.  Mary pregnant and it wasn’t his!  His life over and dreams crushed!  Now he is told “Don’t be afraid!”  Trust is the word that Joseph had to learn so that there would be a Christmas.

I wonder do we TRUST that Christmas is love, peace and hope?  Do we put our trust in the one who does the Impossible at Christmas?  Let’s see how we can Trust Christmas!


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