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YES! This IS Pender’s Youth Pastor!




Why does Pender’s Youth Pastor look like this?

Once again, Tim Lyberger challenged our youth to raise $5,000 for World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. If they did, Tim agreed to let them choose an outfit for him to wear every day for one week.   (Who remembers last year’s pink outfit?!)

We are proud to announce that our Pender youth raised $6,381 which will feed 17 children for an entire year!

More exciting news:  Mack Parrish, one of our Youth Leaders, was also a part of this challenge and after his wedding he will have to do something as well!  So, stay tuned!

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Empty Your Pockets! Help Fight World Hunger!


Pender Turning Point Youth Group is putting on a Penny War to raise money for the World Vision 30 Hour Famine!

Each high school represented in the youth group has their own jar in which to collect the money. The jar that ends up with the highest number of points wins, and the youth who participated in the famine from that school gets a prize!

How it works:
Pennies and paper money are positive points.
(For example a penny would be +1 point and a $5 bill would be +500 points)
All silver change is counted as negative points.
(So nickels are -5, dimes are -10, and quarters are -25.)

Put your pennies and paper money in your own high school’s jar!
Put silver change in your rival’s jar!

The jars will be out until the end of March.

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