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Pender’s Prison Ministry

Pender Prison Ministry

Curious about Pender’s Prison Ministry or Epiphany Weekends?

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From the most recent post:

Tonight, as we were ready to head home, we heard from this week’s big boss, Doug, that he’d seen miracles take place this weekend. He went on to list the miraculous things he’d seen – not the least of which was getting to go in in the first place, or watching as the Corrections Officer, sent to monitor us and the Stars, joined us in a very important worship activity. I agree with him, but I am going to offer a different set of reasons.

Prison ministry the way we do it – a group of about 30 adult volunteers of all shapes, sizes, races, backgrounds descending on a facility for three days – is an odd beast. All over this world, there are called believers who toil away in ones and twos, entering into the world’s darkest places to shine the light of Christ. We don’t do it that way. We’re a pretty loud bunch when we arrive and many of us are close friends. We’re definitely a family with all the joys and annoyances families bring. And that’s where I saw miracles today. I see them every time we gather to get our team set or to go in for a weekend, but today I realized what a miracle I’ve really been given…

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