New Sermon Series ~ Genuine Love

02 Jun


June 9 – Living SacrificesRomans 12:1-2

Living and Sacrifice don’t go together.  However, that is exactly what it takes to live the Good News of Jesus in our lives.  Let’s learn how we can die to live and what we can do when we are yielded to Christ

June 16 – Genuine LoveRomans 12:9-21

Graduate Sunday

June 23 Annual Conference Sunday

Two of our Lay persons will be sharing the love of Christ with us.  Support them in their ministry with us.

June 30 – The Debt of LoveRomans 13:8-10

There is only one debt for the follower of Christ.  It is the debt of love we owe.  Giving our love away isn’t a suggestion but a debt to be paid.  Let’s see how we are doing on the payment of love.

July 7 – Judging Others/Judging OurselvesRomans 14:1-19

What does it mean to judge someone?  Is it necessary?  Is it loving?  Do we take stock in our own lives before we look at others or is it vice versa? Let’s explore if the word Judging sould be in our vocabulary and if so, how do we live it?


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