Archived Sermons from Sunday, June 23rd ~ Lay Speaker Sunday

26 Jun


Sunday, June 23rd ~ Lay Speaker Sunday

Two of our Lay persons shared the love of Christ with us while Pastor Kenny and RevKev were away at the Annual Conference.

8:15 & 11:00 am Services ~ Sermon:  Make Me Whole

Psalm 119:145-152, Psalm 121

Our message was given by Thom Jones, who is a certified lay speaker in the Arlington District and a member of our Church and choir.  Thom is a native of North Carolina and moved to Virginia in 1997 and began working as a teacher in Fairfax County.  His wife, Carolyn, is a software developer and liturgical dancer and will be dancing on Sunday during the anthem.

Listen to the archived sermon here.

9:30 am Common Ground Service ~ Sermon:  Trust God’s Love:  Speak Faith-Filled Words, Luke 1:5-22

Our message was given by our Common Ground Worship Leader, Sean Niehoff.

Listen to the Common Ground archived sermon here.

Find other past sermons on the Pender Podcast at  More information about how the Podcast works here:


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