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September Sermon Series



THEME:  Spiritual Gifts

September 7 – Gifts for ALL – Eph. 4:7-13

Each of us are gifted.  God has given each of us special gifts and desires for us to use them.  Let’s talk about GIFTS this Sunday.

September 14 – Gifted to Serve – Romans 12:1-21

Gifts are given to us by God.  Once we realize what God has done we are to use these gifts in service to others and the world.  What are you doing for the body of Christ?  What are you offering the world?

September 21 – Gifts and Callings of God – Romans 11:29

When God calls and God gifts they never change and He expects us to continue to use them.  Are you using your gifts for the glory of God?  Or have you taken a vacation?  We never stop using our gifts until we enter heaven.  What are you doing?


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