Celebrating Testimonies, Sing ‘n Celebrate ~ March 8th at 7pm

06 Mar



As many of you already know, last Sunday’s SNC had to be postponed due to inclement weather, so we hope you can join us this coming Sunday.

Ginny Atwood and Ruth Wheeler will share their faith stories March 8th at 7pm. Max Lucado shares – “God loves us so much he wants to save us….from the world, from Satan, from ourselves.

The motivation that drives all His actions is love….love….love. And His love is directed at all of us.”

Sing ‘n Celebrate is Pender Church’s informal evening worship service that has a focus on contemporary Christian music and original dramas and testimonies. Dress is casual and the atmosphere offers a wonderful means to start the week with God in mind.

In addition to music and testimonies, prayer is offered. Communion is served periodically.

As people of our church share Christian stories of faith, we are often encouraged by their life changing and inspiring testimonies.  Mark your calendar for our next Sing ‘N Celebrate, so you won’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by, not only the testimonies, but also the uplifting praise music of JC Reigns.

JC Reigns leads worship with both modern Christian songs and a selection of old church hymns – the aim is to meet the needs of all who attend. JC Reigns has been together for 14 years and over the course of that time, has recorded five Christian CDs and used all the proceeds to benefit world wide and local charities.

Whether you are a new Christian, or have been following Christ for years, this is just a wonderful way to gather in fellowship, sing songs to God and listen to your brothers and sisters as they share their faith. We invite you to come and bring a friend, meet other Pender People and leave with a song on your heart and the Son in your eyes.


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