Returning in August – CAMPMEETING!

22 Jul




August 2 – I’m A Christian So What? – I Peter 1:13-19

9:15 and 11 – Pastor Kenny; 9:30 Common Ground – Pastor Dan

Holiness or being holy isn’t even a word in our vocabulary. Yet, it is the results of anyone who is trying to live like Jesus. Or it should be. We have been told come to Jesus and believe but is that all? Does it mean changes in me as to how I talk and how I act and how I live?

August 9 – It Takes A Change – Gal. 5:16-26 and Isaiah 6:1-8

9:15 and 11 – Pastor Kenny; 9:30 Common Ground – Pastor Dan

What is the difference between how you live and those who do not believe in Jesus? Is there any? Can anyone look at our lives and see that we are holy, different because we follow Jesus. I’ve heard it said “The only difference between me and everyone else is I believe in Jesus.” Is this true? Paul seems to think otherwise. Believing in Jesus is just the beginning. We are to no longer live like the rest of the world but put off these things. How are you doing in the OFF Putting?

August 16 – Fruit Inspection Time – John 15:5-8 and Gal. 5:22-23

9:15 and 11 – Pastor Kenny; 9:30 Common Ground – Pastor Dan

To be holy means to live holy. That doesn’t come naturally but it does come when we are close to Jesus. Is your relationship such that you know you are as close to Jesus as you can be, as you desire? When we are there are things that just naturally become a part of our lives. Characters changes take place naturally and aren’t forced to happen. How is the fruit in your life?

August 23 – In His House: Embrace Your Place – 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

All 3 – Pastor Dan

When we find the place we’re meant to be, we can discover more about ourselves than we thought possible.
In this two-part series, we’ll learn that the search for purpose can lead you to some unexpected places. In week one, learn to embrace the moment in time God has placed you in: you’re there for a reason. And in week two, we’ll explore how God uses highly unlikely people in highly unlikely ways to bring about highly unlikely results, when we’re just obedient.
August 30 – In His House: Unlikely – John 6:1-15

All 3 – Pastor Dan


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