Today at Pender UMC ~ August 16, 2015

16 Aug



Please join us for a wonderful time of worship this Sunday, August 16th!

At our 8:15 & 11:00 worship services, we return to a part of our heritage as Methodists, the Campmeeting. It will be a time to sing the old hymns and enjoy the upbeat worship, as we continue our sermon series entitled — HOLINESS: DO I REALLY LIVE DIFFERENTLY?

Pastor Kenny will be preaching on “Fruit Inspection Time” (John 15:5-8 Galatians 5:22-23)

To be holy means to live holy. That doesn’t come naturally but it does come when we are close to Jesus. Is your relationship such that you know you are as close to Jesus as you can be, as you desire? When we are there, are there things that just naturally become a part of our lives? Character changes take place naturally and aren’t forced to happen. How is the fruit in your life?


Pastor Dan will be preaching at the 9:30 Contemporary Service on the Sermon Series entitled OLD SCHOOL and his sermon title is “So that…”(John 15:1-8)

We don’t just follow lists of rules in the Bible and practice spiritual exercise for the fun of it. There’s a purpose in mind. If you pursue this purpose, we guarantee life will become more meaningful and fulfilling. Join us as we pursue this purpose together.

For more information about our upcoming sermons, click here.

Listen to 232 past sermons by Pastors Kenny Newsome, Dan Elmore and others in the Pender Podcast.

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