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Sunday, March 23, at Pender


March 23.  Give up the Enemies Within Luke 11:37-52
Are we really willing to look at what’s inside? Coming clean with ourselves?  That’s what the cross asks of us and Lent is calling us to do.

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Also on Sunday:

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Empty Your Pockets — Help Fight World Hunger



Pender Turning Point Youth Group has been raising money for World Vision through a “Penny War!”

Each high school represented in the Youth Group has their own jar in which to collect money. The jar that ends up with the highest number of points wins, and the youth who participated in the 30 Hour Famine from that school get a prize! The jars will be out until the end of March.

How it works:

  • Pennies & paper money are positive points (for example, a penny = +1 point and a $5 bill = +500 points)
  • All silver change is counted as negative points (nickels = minus 5 points, dimes = minus 10 points, & quarters = minus 25 points)

Put your pennies and paper money in your own high school’s jar and put silver change in your rival’s jar!

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Easter Plants for Our Easter Altar


Orders are now being taken for plants to decorate the Easter altar in memory or in honor of a loved one. (Plants are yours to take after the last service on Easter Sunday.)

Pick up an order form at the Sign-Up Center in the Narthex. Payment is requested with order. The following plants are available for purchase:

  • Tulips — $11
  • Geraniums – $6
  • Azaleas – $11.75
  • Hydrangeas – $16.50

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