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Lent, 2014


Lent is a time to prepare for Easter.  United Methodists begin Lent on Ash Wednesday and continue celebrating Lent until Easter. We view Lent as a way to slow down and focus on God, so many Methodists will give up foods or activities during this time. The purpose of giving something up is to find more time to focus on God.

  • March 5: Ash Wednesday Spaghetti Dinner, 6:00 pm
  • March 5: Ash Wednesday Service, 7:00 pm
  • March 6 and every Thursday through April 10: Lenten Suppers for the Soul,  6pm in coordination with Pastor Kenny and Pastor Kevin leading a discussion time.
  • April 6: Sing ‘N’ Celebrate, 7:00 pm
  • April 13: Palm Sunday Services
  • April 14: Easter Egg Hunt
  • April 17: Holy Thursday Service
  • April 18: Good Friday Serice
  • April 20: Easter Services

Sermon Series: Give up Something Bad for Lent

March 9.  Give up Something BAD for Lent. Matthew 5:29-30, 16:26
We give up all kinds of things for Lent.  Chocolate, soda, but that misses what Lent and the cross are all about.  Let’s see what we can really give up.

March 16.  Give Up Harsh Condemning judgments for LentMatthew 7:1-5
It’s awful easy to be judgmental.  We do it without thinking.  But Jesus is specific about not judging.  so how do we do that?  Let’s talk about it Sunday.

March 23.  Give up the Enemies Within Luke 11:37-52
Are we really willing to look at what’s inside? Coming clean with ourselves?  That’s what the cross asks of us and Lent is calling us to do.

March 30.  Give Up Running Away. Luke 9:10-17
When trials and problems come running away just doesn’t solve it.  Let’s look at how with Jesus we can overcome our problems and find opportunities.

April 6.    Give up a Bad Habit. Luke 19:1-10
Stewardship Habits are just that habits and so they are here to stay.  Not so fast.  Habits can be changed.  Let’s look at the keys to changing a habit in life.

April 13.  Palm Sunday: Give up Pettiness. Luke 6:32-36
Life is to short for the pettiness!  Yet we want to spend our lives in the little stuff.  Jesus wants to reorder our priorities and give us faith and hope.  Let’s see how this Sunday!

April 20.  Easter:  Wrap Your Arms Around Something Good for Easter. John 21:15-19
During Lent we gave up BAD things. Easter brings us to embrace the hope, forgiveness and possibilities God has for us because of a Risen Jesus!  Let’s wrap our arms around the living Christ and all He brings.

Here’s what Chuck Knows Church has to say about Lent.

Ever heard, “I’m giving up sweets for Lent”? Why does Lent make people want to give up something? And how do you calculate the 40 days of Lent?


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Mulch Madness Fundraiser

Mulch Madness

On Saturday, March 15, Pender men will deliver 3 cubic ft. bags of mulch to your driveway. To guarantee delivery, all orders must be received no later than Thursday, March 7. We are offering the following choices:

  • Shredded hardwood
  • Shredded pine
  • Pine mini-nuggets

Contact Dave Cacner by clicking on this link to place an order.

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