Lent and Easter Sermons at Pender UMC

10 Feb


Lent is a time to prepare for Easter.  United Methodists begin Lent on Ash Wednesday (this year on February 13) and continue celebrating Lent until Easter (March 31). We view Lent as a way to slow down and focus on God, so many Methodists will give up foods or activities during this time. The purpose of giving something up is to find more time to focus on God.

“Which is it deny or take up for Lent?  – Luke 9:21-27

Ash Wednesday begins Lent for us.  Lent is a time to sacrifice as Jesus was willing to sacrifice.  Yet, you hear some people say “I’m giving up ________ for Lent.  (You fill in the blank) Others say, “I’m taking up ________ or adding this to my schedule during Lent. (You fill in the blank)  So which is it denying self or taking up additional things for Lent?  Let’s find out on Wednesday.
Feb. 17 – Is the Bible Relevant for Us Today?2 Timothy 3:16-17

The Bible was written so long ago.  How can it be useful for us?  It speaks to another time and different issues!  Or does it?  The Bible speaks to each generation and each age.  Let’s see the relevancy of the Bible for us in 2013.
Feb. 24 – Are issues black and white or only gray?

Is there an answer to the issues we face in the world today?  If you look at our congress and society it seems each charts out its answer and that’s it.  Or we simply say there isn’t an answer but it’s a gray area and its up to each to decide.  Does the Bible teach an objective truth and if so what difference does it make?  Let’s look at that this Sunday and the issues we as a society face.

Mar. 3 – Is Jesus the only way to salvation?  John 14:1-6

Mar. 10 – Does it make any difference if I pray?

Prayer is the thing everyone always talks about doing, but does it really make any difference?  Isn’t God going to do what God is going to do regardless?  Isn’t it a waste of my time?  The Bible says, “You have not because you ask not.”  Hmmmmm does that mean if we don’t pray we can lose out?  Let’s see how to pray and what it does on Sunday.

Mar. 17 – There is only ONE God and he just has different names RIGHT?

The Bible says there is ONE God.  But the God’s people talk about and believe in are so different.  One is involved in everything.  One never does anything but create what is.  One only judges.  Another only loves.  Are they all the same and it doesn’t matter what we believe as long as we believe in God!  Let’s see what the ONE and ONLY God is like and you can decide this Sunday.

Mar. 24 – Palm Sunday – Why did Jesus have to die?

Jesus was a good man.  He was compassionate and caring.  He helped the poor and needy.  He should have continued to live as our example but they killed him!  Jesus died!  Why did it have to happen?  What difference does it make for me?  Let’s talk about the cross and death this Sunday.

Mar. 31 – EASTER SUNDAY – Why did Jesus have to be raised from the dead?

Jesus story is acceptable until you begin to talk about his resurrection.  Surely this isn’t true.  The dead are made alive and a tomb is empty!  How could it be?  Yet, it is necessary!  It is the reason we are here!  Let’s see if we can discover what that means for the world this Easter and what we have to share because of it.

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