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JC Reigns at Arcola UMC Saturday Night, for Benefit Concert

JC Reigns


JC Reigns at Arcola UMC Saturday Night, for Benefit Concert

Please join us on Saturday evening, 7:00 @ Arcola United Methodist Church for a benefit concert, supporting Camp Highroad.

The evening will be a mix of Christian Family music and video programs highlighting Camp Highroad and its efforts to offer a Christian camp again this summer to anyone who would like to attend.

Last year we were able to send 54 young people who might never have had that opportunity.

In advance, we appreciate your support for this wonderful cause and hope you will plan to join us in this endeavor. The event will be at Arcola UMC, but for Camp Highroad.

The address for the church is:
24757 Evergreen Mills Road, Dulles, VA.

Event will run from 7:00 until 8:30, “everyone is welcome”.

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What Are the Different Kinds of Psalms?

From my email, adapted from the NIV Quest Study Bible by Zondervan.

This unique Bible addresses the common, uncommon, and perplexing questions people ask about Scripture.

There are many ways to categorize the psalms. Some focus on content (trouble or trust, praise or prayer, joy or repentance). Others emphasize the use of the psalms (public ceremonies, private prayers and so on). Still others analyze style and technique (such as parallelism and acrostics). Here are some general categories:

(1) Hymns of praise. Many psalms were used in temple worship and some even include directions for the song leader. Many are still used as the basis for hymns and praise choruses.

(2) Complaints. Life is tough and many of the psalms reflect that fact. People turn to the psalms in times of distress because the psalms dare to be honest and meet them right where they are.

(3) Royal or Messianic. Many psalms revolved around the king and were intended to be used for public occasions in the life of the nation of Israel. Early Christian teachers, however, recognized that these psalms contained prophetic allusions to Jesus Christ, the King of kings.

(4) Occasional. Referred to as songs of ascent (Ps 120–134), these psalms were so named because they were sung by Israelite pilgrims as they went up to Jerusalem for the annual feasts. Other special occasions often had their own psalms as well.

(5) Wisdom. A few psalms illustrate the difference between human folly and godly wisdom, between sinful and righteous behavior.

Other categories could also be listed: historical, repentance, curse and creation.

Psalm 137

Psalm 137 (Photo credit: Mouse)


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Pender Flea Market & Boutique, May 2013

Flea Market and Boutique


May 9-11, 2013

8am-8pm on Thursday and Friday

8am-12 (noon) on Saturday

Come find the best deals in town on clothing, furniture, home goods, jewelry, fashions — all in good condition and at low prices.

Burgers, hot dogs, and drinks for sale for lunch.

All proceeds help fund our Short Term Missions Trips and Outreach work locally and globally.

Sponsored by your:  Pender United Methodist Men and Women

We’re using a new online sign up and reminder tool to schedule spots for the Flea Market & Boutique.  

More information at

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Sermon February 24, 2013: Are issues black and white or only gray?


Feb. 24th Sermon: Are issues black and white or only gray?

Is there an answer to the issues we face in the world today? If you look at our congress and society it seems each charts out its answer and that’s it. Or we simply say there isn’t an answer but it’s a gray area and its up to each to decide.

Does the Bible teach an objective truth and, if so, what difference does it make?

Let’s look at that this Sunday and the issues we as a society face.

This sermon will be on the Pender Podcast later this week. Find the podcast here:


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Great images, inspirational Bible verses –

Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

I enjoy writing my blog and sharing of God’s goodness, grace and mercy. I also enjoy creating the pictures that go along with the blog. I have listed over 50 inspirational Bible verses here in these pictures. I pray they are a blessing.

Philippians 3:13

Philippians 3:13

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Lenten Sing ‘n Celebrate and Healing Service ~ March 3rd at 7 pm


Many have wondered about  in Matthew 21:21 – “that if we have faith and don’t doubt, we can move mountains.”  Jesus, of course, was not suggesting that His followers use prayer as “magic” and perform in constant “mountain moving” acts.

At our Lenten SNC, we will all have a special time for realizing that He was actually making a strong point about the disciples’ (and our) lack of faith.  Have we talked to God about the kinds of mountains we face?

If in need of healing, this is the best time to reserve this evening on your calendar for Pastor Kenny’s Time of Healing.


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